Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Xbox 360

I got my 360 yesterday and have been enjoying it. This truly is next gen for the consoles and gaming experience. Nothing has been created like this before. My brother and I had luck going to a local Walmart and getting #13 out of 14 premium bundles. There were some Core systems that were taken by the late comers. They had limited game selection and didn't have Perfect Dark Zero, the game I was looking for.

We went to Rogers and rented Madden. Great game and online features. We also downloaded demos of NBA Live and Kameo. We played the Hexic HD puzzle game that came on the harddisk and downloaded the trial of Billards. It kept us busy all day for sure, but today I'm going to try and find PD0.

I also have it working with my tv setup and the universal media controller. Very nice to turn it on and off from one controller. If you can get one of these systems, don't wait. Go test it out at one of the kiosks before you buy if you want. See you online!


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