Sunday, July 03, 2005

War of the Worlds

My wife and I watched this movie yesterday and I can't recommend it. We enjoyed it until the end, when the aliens just started dying. If you haven't read the book, like us, we didn't know what happened. We assumed that the aliens started to die because of a virus in the human blood. They require humans blood to survive it appears, so they suck the humans up after capturing them. Of course, one horrible virus in the blood can kill a human, so why not an alien.

The movie just is a whirlwind of action scenes from the beginning. Tom Cruise running around with the characters who play his children got abit annoying when his daughter kept screaming. I understand that most of us would be pissing our pants screaming watching the aliens destroy everything, but this girl was annoying. There are some scary moments, but we really never get to know the aliens and characters. The scene with Tim Robbins is just puzzling. I'm not sure if it was required. The movie is just another Hollywood mindless waste of money. Wait for the DVD.

With more people building home theatres in their home, it is becoming evident that less people are watching movies in the theatres. Even with blockbuster movies this year, the industry is still in a slope as reported in many news sites.


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