Friday, May 27, 2005

Young drivers and recording music

My younger brother passed his driving test yesterday and now he's out and about. He's graduating next month and of course good timing for him to be able to drive everywhere. Hopefully he doesn't drink and drive, as so many young highschoolers do during graduation. Not mentioning any names here...

I'm converting alot of old music I have on cassette and LP's currently. It's my project at the moment. I have my audio components connected to a mixer and my Mac Mini is setup to record. I use Final Vinyl and Audacity to clean up the files. This freeware software combination is working well. There's probably better and professional software and hardware to do the job, but I'm not robbing no bank to complete this project. My main goal is to create mp3 files from these songs and listen to it on my iPod.

No biking today, my legs are resting. I thought it would be worse, but since I got back into biking I think my body is starting to heal itself quicker. Which is always a good thing. Next up, I'm going to try this South Beach diet I've been hearing about from a friend. She is going to fill me in next week over dinner. She's making something special for me to try. Her husband and her have lost weight and eating quite normal, so I am curious about it. This talk of food is making me hungry, time for dinner now!


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