Saturday, April 09, 2005

Happy birthday to me

Yup, today is the day. Sun shining, beautiful morning and I'm... mailing my tax returns. We all got to do it, so don't be surprised that I said it. Going out to brunch this morning with my wife who was so great to get me a SONY PSP for my gift. My brother also gave me Metal Gear Ac!d which was a nice surprise.

I rented Elektra and watched it last night. This movie was shot here in Vancouver and the scenery was amazing. The story was weak but I did expect it since the character came from the Daredevil movie that was pretty bad with Ben Affleck. Anything that guy touches, turns into you know what. Can you believe those two are dating ? I got some other movies to watch that I rented (thank God), The Company, Sideways and for my wife, Bridget Jones... whatever the latest title is. Maybe I'll watch Donnie Darko again this weekend.

I'll post more later as the day continues.


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