Monday, April 25, 2005

Bikes & Tulips

Yesterday was an amazing day. It first started off with the annual bike show in Tsawwassen. I took alot of pictures which I will post on my photography site. Another great show this year with more people visiting than last. There were Harley, Norton, BSA, several Italian models and some sweet chopped hot rod cars. There was also a swap meet show happening indoors of the community centre. There was even a steam driven bike from the early 1900's.

Got back home and my brother stopped by and they were headed off to the Tulip festival in the Skagit Valley, Washington. Packing up my proper identification for the border crossing, him and his wife, my wife and I started on the journey to see the field of tulips. We stopped at Bellis Fair Mall for some shopping and a quick bite. Drove through Mount Vernon, a very small town it appeared and then we found Tulip Town. I have never seen fields and fields of tulips. This was beautiful. They were actually closing when we left there. We were lucky just to get there at that time. And not the last time on this trip! Oh yes, we met the mayor too.

Then we got in the car and headed to Laconner. This place reminded me of Steveston Village in Richmond, BC but double the size. Small city hall and town, but we couldn't visit the stores, everything was closed like a ghost town. Weird. I'm used to everything open on Sundays here. This place was beautiful set on the Georgia Strait. After that, we got in the car and headed to the Salmon BBQ in the nearby park. But we had to drive back through Mount Vernon, under the I5 and up a hill to a park with a huge lodge/cabin. As we pulled up, we were the last one's getting there and they had just enough dinner for us four. This was their last day of the festival and we had the last plates of BBQ salmon. It was a great meal and worth the drive.

Next year we will plan it better, but it was nice to do this on the last minute without any plans. I know my wife has always liked to visit these places and it was a bonus for me! I'll post some of the pictures on my photography site.


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